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An opportunity is available at Discovery for an Administrator position.

Administrator position available. Discovery is a company that is dedicated to making people healthier and enhancing their lives.

We believe in investing in exceptional individuals who share our core values and are committed to achieving our mission. At Discovery, we are passionate about innovating and making a positive impact on society.

You can:

As an Underwriting Administrator, your role will be to perform general administration tasks related to underwriting. This involves overseeing and monitoring various underwriting administration functions to ensure that members are successfully underwritten. You will also play an active role in the underwriting process to enhance service delivery within the underwriting division.

In addition, you will assist the UW team leader in organizing and controlling team functions while aligning them with overall strategies. You will guide team members to fulfil their functions and ensure that they are working towards achieving our mission.

At Discovery, we offer a fast-paced and dynamic work environment that allows smart, self-driven individuals to be their best. As a global thought leader, we are always looking for new ways to innovate and make a positive impact on society.

If you are someone who shares our core values and is committed to making a difference, then we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. We believe that by working together, we can achieve our mission of making people healthier and enhancing their lives.

The UW process is a crucial aspect of the insurance industry, and the role of an underwriting assistant is key to ensuring its smooth functioning. As an underwriting assistant, you will be responsible for setting up and attending client meetings, and compiling meeting minutes to ensure that all decisions made during the meetings are accurately documented.

Administrator position available

In addition to this Administrator position available, you will be required to act as an interdepartmental liaison, working closely with other divisions within the company such as group risk divisions, smart service, executive wellness, and more to facilitate and support the UW process. You will also be required to engage with the reinsurer when necessary, to ensure that all parties are working together effectively.

System monitoring is another important aspect of the role of an underwriting assistant. You will be expected to support the UW division with system escalations and Jira tickets, and to enhance the systematic processes through problem solving and recommendations. Additionally, you will be required to investigate reasons for anomalies on any underwriting admin process and troubleshoot, making sure to look out for members that need decisions to be re-applied. You will also be responsible for setting targets of achievement and monitoring queues to ensure that all tasks are completed within the required timeframe.

To be successful in this role of Administrator position available, you must demonstrate a positive attitude and be a self-starter with a high attention to detail. You must also be able to multi-task effectively and be good at follow through. Exceptional communication skills, both written and oral, are essential, as is the ability to problem solve and be solution focused. Being analytical and able to interpret complex data is also crucial, as is the ability to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

Coping with pressure and working within tight deadlines is also a key requirement, so excellent time-management and organizational skills are a must. You must also be a team player, willing to assist other team members in the office and remotely. Additionally, you must have compassion for the people you will be working with, who may sometimes be in dire situations or going through difficult transitions, and be able to provide outstanding customer service.

To be considered for this role, you must have a Matric qualification and proficiency in Microsoft Office skills. With the right skills and attributes, you could be an invaluable asset to any UW division, helping to ensure that the insurance industry runs smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to the insurance industry, experience and knowledge are key factors that employers consider when hiring new underwriting administrators. For this particular role, a minimum of 2 years of experience in Group Risk Underwriting is required, with a background in administration. It is essential that applicants possess knowledge of Group Risk Industry benefit payments and products, as this is a crucial aspect of the job.

While experience and knowledge are important, education is also a factor that employers take into consideration. Candidates who hold a tertiary qualification are preferred, as this demonstrates a commitment to learning and a willingness to go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the job.

In addition to qualifications and experience, it is important to note that the company has an approved Employment Equity Plan and Targets, which will be considered as part of the recruitment process. This means that the company actively seeks to promote diversity and inclusion, and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and abilities.

As an Equal Opportunities employer, the company actively encourages and welcomes people with various disabilities to apply. The company recognizes that diversity is a strength, and seeks to create a workplace that is inclusive and supportive for all employees. Whether you are an experienced underwriting administrator or a recent graduate, if you possess the required skills and share the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

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