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category assistant ( beauty) x4

category assistant Job Description

The Head Office of Dis-Chem Pharmacies in Midrand is looking for a Category Assistant (Beauty) to join the team. The primary objective of this position is to participate in category planning for sales and customers as well as collaborate with all levels of Beauty. The essential responsibility is to convey the perfect item at the ideal spot and with flawless timing while actually overseeing Dis-Chem’s prescribed activity intends to keep up with store in-stock benchmarks.

Essential… Minimum Requirements:

12th grade or equivalent with at least one to two years of retail customer service, planning, or business analysis experience

You can:

Job Description for Beauty and Fragrance Experience:

Monitor and make sure that only official stores get stock; make sure that articles are linked, if necessary, and that the linking form is filled out; make sure that images are updated frequently in accordance with specifications; make sure that articles on the jab match the Buy Sheet.

category assistant

Assist stores by listing/delisting where necessary Assist stores by suspending/active where necessary Assist stores by ensuring that SOS is correct Discontinue articles provided by suppliers Provide forecast for Buy-Ins into DC – across categories
Process orders into Dissemination Center – across classes
Different Infill reports/Lethargic/DSC, as mentioned (all Magnificence)
Different Marketing numbers – month to month and week by week


Knowledge of how policies and procedures are put into practice Finds solutions to potential problems, as well as when and where to escalate them.
uses language to verbally convey ideas and facts. Handles the importance of data written in English
Fabricates useful working connections described by an elevated degree of acknowledgment, participation, and common regard.

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Perceives the requirement for strategies and follows significant techniques.
Assumes a sense of ownership with the quality and idealness of work and accomplishes results with little oversight. respects obligations.
PC abilities – Microsoft Office: PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook category assistant

Extraordinary states of work:

A South African citizen may be required to travel MIE, have a clean driving record, a valid driver’s license, and/or reliable transportation. Benefits and compensation:

The Rise of Dischem in the Retail Landscape

Dischem has swiftly emerged as a retail powerhouse, redefining the shopping experience for consumers across the globe. The unparalleled blend of quality products, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service has propelled Dischem to the zenith of retail excellence.

Step into a Dischem store, and you’re greeted with a cornucopia of options catering to every need imaginable. From health and beauty essentials to household must-haves, Dischem boasts an extensive product range that satisfies even the most discerning shopper.

Unveiling the Magic: The Dischem Shopping Experience

Shopping at Dischem transcends the mere act of purchasing goods; it’s an immersive journey where every aisle holds the promise of discovery. The welcoming ambiance coupled with knowledgeable staff ensures that every visit is not just a transaction but a delightful experience.category assistant

The Secret Sauce: Why Shoppers Love Dischem

What sets Dischem apart is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By understanding and anticipating the needs of shoppers, Dischem has created a loyal customer base that continues to grow with each passing day. category assistant

Beyond the Store: Dischem’s Online Presence

In a digital age where convenience is paramount, Dischem has seamlessly transitioned into the online realm. With a user-friendly website and efficient delivery services, Dischem ensures that the shopping experience extends beyond the physical store.

Conclusion: Embracing the Dischem Difference

Whether you’re seeking everyday essentials or indulging in a bit of retail therapy, Dischem stands out as a beacon of excellence in the retail landscape. Embrace the Dischem difference and elevate your shopping experience to new heights. category assistant

category assistant

Remember, when in doubt, head to Dischem – where shopping transcends mere transactions and becomes an unforgettable experience.category assistant

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