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Debtors clerk jobs x 6

Debtors clerk jobs Intercare is a powerful medical organization zeroing in on offering esteem based medical services to patients. As representatives of the Intercare brand, all that we do is directed by our motivation to cheer individuals up. Our common upsides of Individuals focused, Respectability, Inclusivity, Sympathy, Greatness and Development characterize what we accept and what our identity is.

Intercare Corporate Administrations

arranged in Menlyn Focal, Pretoria, looks to enroll a Debt holders Representative. The focal point of this position will be to deal with borrowers’ organization errands connecting with clinical guide claims to limit debt holder’s days in a client cordial, yet successful way.

You can:

Basic Results

Be know about the guidelines of the funders.
Guarantee all records and short installments are circled back to subsequent to handling of settlements.
Settlement advices are accommodated precisely.
Deal with the age examination to guarantee accounts are paid immediately.
Guarantee just substantial records are given over to assortment division for assortment.
Guarantee all discounts are in accordance with Organization Strategy and Technique.
Have the option to deal with all patients and practice related questions in an expert way, inside called for time period.


Least: Grade 12
Finance related capability will be profitable
Least 2 years experience in a borrower’s current circumstance handling clinical records favorable
Comprehension of Clinical Records and Clinical Guides
Information on the GoodX framework will be profitable
Solid verbal and composed relational abilities
Profoundly coordinated and ready to handle various undertakings
Client assistance direction and cooperative person
Monetary and business keenness
Capacity to function admirably under tension
Scrupulousness Debtors clerk jobs

Debtors clerk jobs

Understanding the nuances of a debtors clerk role can be a complex puzzle for many. In this article, we delve into the responsibilities, skills, and importance of a debtors clerk in maintaining financial stability within an organization.

What is a Debtors Clerk?

A debtors clerk is a vital cog in the financial machinery of a company. They are responsible for managing the company’s debts, ensuring timely payments from customers, and maintaining accurate financial records. Debtors clerk jobs

The Responsibilities of a Debtors Clerk

A debtors clerk’s primary duties include reconciling customer accounts, issuing invoices, following up on overdue payments, and resolving any billing discrepancies. They play a crucial role in maintaining healthy cash flow and reducing bad debt risks.

Skills Required for Debtors clerk jobs

To excel as a debtors clerk, one must possess strong attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and proficiency in accounting software. Effective communication skills are also essential in liaising with customers regarding payment matters.

The Importance of a Debtors Clerk

A proficient debtors clerk can significantly impact an organization’s financial health by ensuring prompt payment collections and minimizing outstanding debts. Their meticulous record-keeping and proactive approach can enhance overall operational efficiency.

Debtors clerk jobs

In conclusion, a debtors clerk is a fundamental asset in safeguarding a company’s financial well-being. By adeptly managing accounts receivable and fostering positive relationships with customers, they contribute to the sustained success of the organization.


In the world of finance, debtors clerks play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations within a company’s accounts receivable department. Their responsibilities are varied and vital to maintaining financial health and stability.

What Does a Debtors Clerk Do?

A debtors clerk is primarily responsible for managing and maintaining accurate records of all amounts owed to a company by customers or clients. This includes issuing invoices, tracking payments, and following up on outstanding debts.

Invoicing and Billing

One of the key duties of a debtors clerk is to generate and send out invoices to customers for goods or services provided. Accuracy and timeliness in this process are essential to ensure that payments are received promptly.

Payment Tracking and Reconciliation Debtors clerk jobs

Debtors clerks are tasked with monitoring and tracking payments received from customers. This involves reconciling payments with invoices and identifying discrepancies that may need to be addressed.

Debt Collection

In cases where customers fail to make timely payments, debtors clerks are responsible for initiating the debt collection process. This may involve sending reminders, making phone calls, or coordinating with collection agencies to recover outstanding debts.

Reporting and Analysis

Debtors clerks are often required to generate reports detailing the status of outstanding debts, payment trends, and other relevant financial information. These reports help management make informed decisions regarding credit policies and debt management strategies.

Communication and Customer Service

Effective communication skills are essential for debtors clerks, as they frequently interact with customers regarding payment issues. Maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor is crucial to resolving disputes and maintaining positive relationships with clients.


In conclusion, the role of a debtors clerk is multifaceted and essential to the financial health of a company. By diligently performing their duties, debtors clerks help ensure that outstanding debts are collected in a timely manner and that accurate financial records are maintained. Debtors clerk jobs

Additional Resources

For those interested in pursuing a career as a debtors clerk, further resources and training opportunities are available to develop the necessary skills and knowledge for success in this field. Debtors clerk jobs

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