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Administrative Position Available An exciting opportunity has arisen for a highly motivated and organized individual to join an innovative and dynamic electrical/solar and battery company in Roodepoort. We are currently seeking an Administrative Assistant to join our team and play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our office.

As an Administrative Assistant, the successful candidate will be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including creating quotes, managing orders for approved jobs, and accurately capturing invoices. Moreover, the candidate must be able to speak both Afrikaans and English fluently and be computer literate with excellent communication skills.

You can:

Administrative Position Available The candidate should also possess strong administrative skills, including the ability to manage monthly call schedules of electricians, resolve internal and external queries, and order stock and control inventory for the electrical and batteries side of the business. Additionally, knowledge of the Omni Accounting system will be advantageous.

Customer and supplier relations are a high priority for our company, and thus the candidate must be able to maintain positive and professional relationships with them. The candidate must also have their own transport and be able to start immediately.

Administrative Position Available This is a fantastic opportunity for a reliable, dynamic, and dedicated individual who wants to be a part of a growing company and contribute to its success. If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to

An administrative position is a crucial role in any organization or company. The administrative staff is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and on time. The duties of an administrative position may vary depending on the organization, but generally, they involve a wide range of tasks.

One of the primary responsibilities of administrative staff is to manage communication within the company. This includes answering phone calls, responding to emails, and handling any correspondence that comes through the office. They also have to maintain records and keep track of all the important documents and files. This can include everything from financial reports to employee records. They are also responsible for scheduling appointments, meetings, and events, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Administrative staff is also responsible for managing the office equipment and supplies. This includes ordering and maintaining office supplies such as paper, toner, and ink. They are also responsible for ensuring that the equipment is in working order and arranging for repairs or replacements as needed.

In addition to the above tasks, administrative staff may also be responsible for managing budgets and finances, preparing reports, and assisting with human resource tasks. They may also be involved in project management, event planning, and marketing.

Overall, the duties of an administrative position are varied and essential to the smooth running of any organization or company. It requires attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and excellent communication abilities. Administrative staff plays a vital role in supporting the entire team and ensuring that all operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Administrative Position Available

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