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cashier jobs offers Dis-Chem Drug stores is consistently searching for Easygoing Clerks to construct an ability pool for their different stores. The point of an essential ability pool is to have a promptly accessible and pre-screened gathering of people with explicit abilities, capabilities, or properties that make them reasonable for future open positions inside Dis-Chem Drug stores. cashier jobs offers

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Ensure a world-class shopping experience while supporting customer service at the point of sale. Record client exchanges on the Dis-Chem working framework as per organization arrangements and standard working techniques, with no resilience toward errors and end of extortion risk

You can:


Grade 12/Matric
At least a half year’s experience clerk/till tasks insight
PC educated – MS Office
Sound mathematical abilities
Solid order of the English language
Essential client support
Willing and ready to work retail hours

Set of working responsibilities:

Stick to Dis-Chem’s client care approaches and techniques
Lay out an expert connection with clients
Report client objections and praises to the Cutting edge Manager, or store the executives
Stick to the client turnover hourly rate
Know about current deals and advancements

cashier jobs offers

Guarantee partners and clients are not presented to any gamble
Complete and oversee Dis-Chem 5 star correspondence standards
Be answerable for income
Guarantee all line voids and cost changes are endorsed and closed down by the boss
Trade stock for clients and acknowledge returned products by clients when approved to do as such
Execute all buys – get and deal with all installments (cash, bank cards, vouchers, coupons, different types of installments) acknowledged by


Process all steadfastness cards including those of our gas pedal accomplices (Revelation Medical services, Medihelp Lifestage, Energy Duplicate, Inheritance Way of life, ABSA Prizes and eBucks)
Guarantee cash is put in drop protected by Dis-Chem’s SOPs
Guarantee utilization of your code and secret phrase is limited to just you; is protected, and is changed consistently

cashier jobs offers

Guarantee all friendly stock/things/scripts are filtered and paid for
Guarantee that all cash is completely kept securely and safely inside the till
Handle everyday takings privately, and just talk about with the executives
Be ready, perceive and report dubious way of behaving to the board
Address inquiries with respect to store stock
Stick to Dis-Chem’s security approaches and methods


Top to bottom information on working sales enlists, and keeping up with cash drawers
Information on handling deals, discounts and installments
Solid order of English (composed and oral)

Unique states of business:

Willing and ready to work retail hours
Solid vehicle and additionally dwell in closeness to the store
South African resident
Clear credit and criminal records


Cashiers play a crucial role in ensuring smooth transactions and customer satisfaction in retail settings. From handling cash to providing excellent customer service, cashier duties are diverse and essential for the overall operation of a business. cashier jobs offers

Cash Handling Responsibilities

Cashiers are responsible for processing transactions accurately and efficiently. This includes ringing up purchases, processing payments, and providing change to customers. Additionally, cashiers must balance their cash registers at the end of their shifts to ensure all transactions are accounted for. cashier jobs offers

Customer Service

One of the key responsibilities of a cashier is to provide excellent customer service. Cashiers are often the first point of contact for customers, so it is important to greet them with a friendly attitude and assist them with any questions or concerns they may have. cashier jobs offers

Product Knowledge

Cashiers should have a good understanding of the products and services offered by the business. This knowledge allows them to answer customer inquiries and make appropriate product recommendations when needed.

Multitasking Abilities

Cashiers often juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as processing transactions, handling customer inquiries, and maintaining a clean workspace. Strong multitasking skills are essential for success in this role. cashier jobs offers

Problem-Solving Skills

Cashiers must be quick thinkers and adept at solving problems on the spot. Whether resolving a customer complaint or handling a technical issue with the cash register, the ability to think on their feet is a valuable skill for cashiers.


In conclusion, cashier duties encompass a wide range of responsibilities that are vital to the success of a retail business. From cash handling to customer service, cashiers play a critical role in providing a positive shopping experience for customers. By mastering the various aspects of their job, cashiers can contribute to the overall efficiency and profitability of the business. cashier jobs offers

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