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SARS is recruiting

SARS is recruiting, Check here to apply for the best jobs in the industry.

Looking for a job in the industry? Join SARS today! Our mission is to promote compliance with tax and Customs laws, while also fostering a culture of voluntary compliance.

You can:

Our ultimate goal is to provide resources that support sustainable economic growth, social development, and the well-being of all South Africans. As we move forward, we are embracing technological innovation and preparing for a future that relies on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and interconnectivity.

We need individuals who share our passion for serving the Higher Purpose of SARS and the people of South Africa. Join us and become a Nation Builder!

The tax administration aims to ensure that taxpayers and traders comply with their obligations. It seeks to detect and discourage noncompliance by making it difficult and expensive.

The administration also intends to cultivate a high-performing, diverse, and engaged workforce capable of delivering high-value knowledge and services. To improve integrity and outcomes, it will expand and utilize data.

SARS is recruiting

The administration also plans to modernize its systems to provide more efficient and streamlined services. It will prioritize resource stewardship to ensure the effective use of resources and deliver quality results and performance excellence. The administration will collaborate with stakeholders to enhance the tax system and build public trust in it.

What is sars?

The South African Revenue Service, or SARS, is responsible for collecting taxes in the country. As an independent agency established by the South African Revenue Service Act 34 of 1997, SARS administers the tax system and customs service. The goal of SARS is to create and manage a tax and customs system that encourages voluntary compliance, while also enforcing regulations when necessary. Ultimately, SARS aims to be a respected and trustworthy organization with integrity.

The tax system is considered a valuable asset of the nation as it plays an important role in building the country. We, as workers in this field, always follow the code of conduct and principles of SARS values, which include maintaining taxpayer confidentiality, showing integrity and professionalism, providing exemplary public service, and utilizing data and evidence for insights. Our strategy for encouraging taxpayers to comply with their obligations is based on three principles: informing them of their responsibilities, making it easy for them to fulfill them, and taking action against those who break the law.

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