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STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES The successful candidate will direct communication with the supplier and staff, administer and control stock, and supervise the store associate. We are currently seeking an experienced Storeman to join our team.

Education and experience that are desired:

2 Years of Involvement working in a coordinated operations climate
Matric or Coordinated operations capability
Experience working in a friendliness climate would be favored yet not fundamental as preparing will be given
Work savvy and SAFRON experience will be a benefit
Administrative experience would be a benefit
A substantial driver’s permit

You can:

Information, Abilities, and Skills:

Skills in planning and organization, time management, and communication, as well as computer literacy and the ability to work independently and under pressure, are all important aspects of responsibility.

Upon the Project/Assistant Catering Manager’s approval, place orders and communicate with suppliers. Ensure that prices and quantities match the order sheet and invoice. Issue stock/groceries to all external departments. Weigh all food products issued to staff for production. Manage the stock ratio of stores in accordance with the budget on a minimum or maximum stock level. Assist in weekly and monthly stocktake.


Complete all HSE records correctly and promptly. Supervise the storeroom, refrigerator, and freezer. Ensure that
will be asked to work weekends.
After each mealtime service, make sure that all of the stock is put away.
Guarantee Quality checks are finished on all food items.
Together with the Project/Assistant Catering Manager and Catering Supervisors, strictly control the Fridge/Freezer and Storeroom Work.

The Role of a Storeman in Modern Businesses

In the realm of logistics and supply chain management, a storeman plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of a company’s warehouse activities. But what exactly does a storeman do, and why is their function so crucial? Let’s delve deeper into the world of storemen to uncover the mysteries behind this integral position. STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES

Managing Inventory with Precision

One of the primary responsibilities of a storeman is to oversee and manage inventory levels effectively. This involves keeping track of incoming and outgoing stock, conducting regular stock checks, and ensuring that the warehouse is adequately stocked at all times. By maintaining accurate inventory records, storemen help prevent stockouts and optimize the flow of goods within the organization.

Organizing the Warehouse for Efficiency

Another essential duty of a storeman is to organize the warehouse in a manner that maximizes efficiency and productivity. This includes strategically arranging items to facilitate easy access, implementing proper storage procedures to prevent damage, and labeling products clearly for quick identification. A well-organized warehouse not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances overall safety within the workplace.

Collaborating with Cross-Functional Teams

In the fast-paced environment of modern businesses, effective collaboration is key to success. Storemen often work closely with other departments, such as procurement, sales, and production, to ensure seamless coordination of activities. By communicating proactively and sharing relevant information with cross-functional teams, storemen contribute to a more streamlined and integrated supply chain process.

Embracing Technology for Streamlined Operations

As technology continues to advance, storemen are increasingly leveraging digital tools and software solutions to streamline their daily operations. From inventory management systems to barcode scanners, these technological innovations enable storemen to work more efficiently, accurately, and productively. By embracing technology, storemen can stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the evolving demands of the industry.


In conclusion, the role of a storeman is far more complex and multifaceted than meets the eye. From managing inventory and organizing the warehouse to collaborating with cross-functional teams and embracing technology, storemen play a vital role in optimizing warehouse operations and ensuring the smooth flow of goods within an organization. By understanding the key responsibilities of a storeman, businesses can better appreciate the value that these unsung heroes bring to the table.


When you walk into a store, have you ever wondered about the organized chaos that goes on behind the scenes? This is where the unsung hero, the storeman, steps in to ensure everything runs smoothly. Let’s delve into the essential duties of a storeman that keep the wheels of a store turning. STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES

Inventory Management

A storeman’s primary responsibility is managing inventory. This involves keeping track of stock levels, ordering new inventory when necessary, and conducting regular stock checks to prevent any discrepancies. The storeman is the guardian of the store’s inventory, ensuring that products are always available when needed.

Receiving and Dispatching

Another crucial duty of a storeman is handling the receiving and dispatching of goods. This includes checking incoming deliveries for accuracy and quality, as well as preparing orders for shipment. The storeman plays a vital role in maintaining the flow of goods in and out of the store.

Storage and Organization

Efficient storage and organization are key aspects of a storeman’s role. The storeman must ensure that all items are stored correctly and safely to prevent damage or spoilage. By maintaining a well-organized storage system, the storeman facilitates easy access to products and streamlines the overall operations of the store. STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES

Documentation and Record-Keeping

Detailed documentation and record-keeping are essential duties that a storeman must perform. This includes maintaining accurate records of inventory levels, tracking shipments, and documenting any discrepancies or damages. By keeping meticulous records, the storeman enables effective decision-making and ensures accountability within the store. STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES

Equipment Maintenance

In addition to managing inventory and organizing the store, a storeman is also responsible for maintaining equipment. This includes regular inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs to ensure that all equipment functions properly. By taking care of the store’s equipment, the storeman helps to prolong its lifespan and prevent costly breakdowns. STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES


Final Thoughts

As we unravel the multifaceted role of a storeman, it becomes evident that their duties are diverse and critical to the smooth operation of a store. From managing inventory to organizing the store and maintaining equipment, the storeman is a pivotal figure behind the scenes. Next time you visit a store, take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication of these unsung heroes. STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES

STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES Remember, the storeman is not just a keeper of goods but a guardian of order in the bustling world of retail. STOREMAN JOB OPPORTUNITIES

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